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About NEDA

Our Mission

The Nunavut Economic Developers Association (NEDA) is an organization of economic development officers and others working in the field of economic development in Nunavut.

NEDA supports and enhances the economic development profession in Nunavut, implementing or aiding initiatives that meet the personal and professional development needs of its members in the following areas:

  • Information;
  • Education;
  • Training;
  • Operational needs; and
  • Exchanges of knowledge and experience.


Our Vision

For Economic Development Officers:

To ensure that all EDOs working in all Nunavut communities have access to

  • Information they need;
  • Training they desire;
  • A strong network of EDOs across the territory; and
  • More input on, and control over, economic development funding.

For Communities:

To ensure that every Nunavut community has:

  • Economies that are strong, diverse, locally-based, competitive and self-sustaining;
  • Awareness of the socio-economic impacts of infrastructure;
  • Knowledge on the importance of good Community Economic Development (CED) plans;
  • An overall improvement in the quality of life.

For Businesses and Investors:

To provide:

  • A resource that will help you grow your business venture in Nunavut; 
  • Support, knowledge, experience and a valuable network;
  • Data you can't get anywhere else.